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MTB – Hawes – Newby Head Loop

Route Distance: Approx 18 miles
Rating: Medium with Long Climbs and 2 long descentsGPX-50(1)
Time: 2.15 Hours

This Route is an 18 mile loop from Hawes that starts on the Road to Burtersett and climbs up to the Roman Road Bridleway. Turning right on to the Bridleway there is a long climb of about 2 miles to the top of the fell. Then at the top theres a gentle descent to the Cam Road or Beggermans, the route follows the Continue reading

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MTB – Video riding down the Roman Road

Just got access to a GoPro Hero 3 Camera, so I thought I`d take it down one of the routes that I do quite often. The ride is above Hawes/Burtersett on the Roman Road Bridleway. It starts off with a bit of the final climb and then goes onto riding back down the track towards the road from Burtersett.

Mounted to the Handlebars of my Mountain Bike.




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Hawes – MTB tour of Wensleydale

Been meaning to do a variation on this Mountain Bike Ride for quite a while now, – tour of wensleydale

This is a great place to look for riding around the Yorkshire Dales.

Distance: 32 milesGPX-50(1)

Some tough climbs on both road and bridleway and some great long sweeping downhills

So while the weather was good on saturday I set off to do it. My variation being setting off from Hawes and riding over to Semerwater and on to Continue reading

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MTB, Lady Ann Highway – Yorkshire Dales

A Quick but pleasant ride from Hawes and along the Lady Ann Highway (named after Lady Ann Clifford apparently), over Cottertop to Mallerstang and Hellgill and back along the road past the legendary Moorcock Inn. All taken way back when…   must dig out some of my newer photos of this loop.

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