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MTB – Hawes and Newby Head Loop in the Snow

Video of a ride I often do from Hawes to up above Burtersett towards Cam Head, up the High road and following the bridleway across the tops and down to Newby Head.

This time taken in the snow that covered the Fell tops overnight. Luckily it was crisp snow, so somehow I mananged to ride most of the loop without getting off or losing traction, quite suprised how good the WTB 2.3 Vigilantes are on my bike, superb grip in Continue reading

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MTB – Snaizeholme and Widdle Loop

Toughish ride from Hawes taking in some long climbs and 2 great descents.

Approx 17 miles
2 long desents and 2 hard climbs.

Loop starting in Hawes, taking the Ingleton Road and almost immediately taking to the Bridleways, up alongside Snaizeholme to Cam.

Then a great hardpack descent to Newby Head. From here a short way towards Dent then taking the Bridleway up the Fell side towards the Dent/Garsdale/Widdle crossroads.

Then right toward Widdle and down the steep descent into Continue reading

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MTB Ride – Hawes, Newby Head and Garsdale

Tried a slightly longer ride again the other day from Hawes.

Distance: about 25 miles

Time: Approx 3.5 to 4 hoursGPX-50

Difficulty: Strenuous alot of climbing 1 long and steep.

Route MapCovers a loop from Hawes up to Burtersett and along the Roman Road to Cam Top, from there dropping down a fantastic sweeping track to Newby Head.

The head towards Garsdale on the road for about a quarter mile before taking the Bridleway to the right up the steep track, Continue reading

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MTB – Hawes Widdale Loop

Route Distance: Approx 17 miles
Rating: Medium with Long Climbs and 2 long descentsGPX-50(1)
Time: 2.5 Hours

Hawes Widdle via Snaizeholme LoopThis Loop takes you up out of Hawes along the Ingleton Road, then after about a mile you take the unmetalled road to the left which spurs off from the corner on the main road. there follows a pretty steep climb up the track, which then levels out along awhat can be a muddy section. Then after going through a gate you start another climb up a very rock track, one I must say I always end up carrying my bike up. One down there isĀ  long upto 5 mile section that follows round the side of Dodd Fell above Snaizeholme to Cam Top. Some great riding and views.

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