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MTB – Video riding down the Roman Road

Just got access to a GoPro Hero 3 Camera, so I thought I`d take it down one of the routes that I do quite often. The ride is above Hawes/Burtersett on the Roman Road Bridleway. It starts off with a bit of the final climb and then goes onto riding back down the track towards the road from Burtersett.

Mounted to the Handlebars of my Mountain Bike.




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MTB – Hawes Wharfedale Loop

Route Distance: Approx 26 milesGPX-50(1)
Rating: Hard with Several Long Steep Climbs
Time:3.5 Hours

From Hawes take the road to Burtersett and then ride up through Burtersett to the Roman Road, take the branch up to the right and follow the Bridleway (Old Roman Road) for about 4 miles until you meet the main road to Wharfedale. Follow the road over the top and then down the long steep, and in places single track road through Oughtershaw and along the Continue reading

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MTB Route – Hawes – Cam Top – Gayle

Distance: 14milesGPX-50(1)
Long Climbs, good grassy descents.
Time: about 2hours

Sunday morning ride from Hawes, up the Roman road past Burtersett and across to Cam Top then back to Hawes via the Bridleway to Snaizholme (this has recently been resurfaced with hardcore in places, so its not as wet and muddy as it used to be), then down the wet grassy Bridleway towards (see the photo with my bike against the signpost) Gaudy Farm House.

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MTB – Hawes to Dent Head Loop

Tried a variation on one of my usual Routes the other day.

From Hawes to Burtersett and right up the Roman Road, keep going untill you hit the Cam Road and then take the Small gated track past Cam Farm and then down towards Ribble Head Viaduct, nice long speedy downhill great fun after all that climbing up the Roman Road.

Once you hit the main road turn right and then in about half a mile take the Single track Continue reading

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MTB – Roman Road in the Snow

Thought I`d have a quick ride up the Roman Road above Burtersett on my Mountain Bike to see if there was any snow left and to come back over the top towards Semerwter. However, it ended up being a bit longer than anticiapted as the snow was too slippy/slushy to pedal through on the tops and/or for me to downhill by myself, so I deceided to take the longer way and took the road back down from Cam. Still thats Continue reading

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Wharfedale and Wensleydale

A few pictures taken in Wharfedale, in the Yorkshire Dales by the River, on my way back from work.

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and a few more whilst out Mountain Biking of the Roman Road , above Burtersett and Cam Top

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