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Replacing my Mountain Bikes Front Mech

Well now that I have managed to change a bottom bracket on my Iron Horse Azure, I found the chain catching on my front derailleur and the shifting has started to be a bit slow chaning to lower gears, sometimes I`ve had to kick the shifter, not really a good idea. Also the screw for the L-limit is seized and due to the angle to access it the head has become some what worn. So I have decided to to replace it with a new one.

After a bit of looking I found a Shimano XT 771 , (thought a nice upgrade from the current Deore jobbie) that had a top pull and now have one on order. Now just waiting for the postman to deliver it and then its out with the Zinn Bike Maintenance book again.

While waiting I also found a Grimetime article in Mountain Biking UK that described fitting a new front mech.

The tools I needed was really just

5mm Allen Key
Philips Screwdriver

Although you would probably also need a  Chain Tool

The procedure I went through was:

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