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The Hill Farmer in the Yorkshire Dales

A quick plug for my dads video production company, after 6 long years this video, The Hill Farmer in the Yorkshire Dales has finally been completed. It follows the farming year of the Fothergill Family in Widdale, through the major events of their hill farm.  Includes lambing, shearing, haymaking, sheep sales etc. A trailer for the production can be seen on youtube (see below) and if you wish to purchase pop over to the website at amfilms. Available Continue reading

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GPS phone App endomondo (not a review)

Having recently changed my phone from an iPhone to an Android phone I have been trying out various free apps to map my bike rides and walks. I had been using the excellent MotionX iPhone app.

I`ve tried a few MapMyRide etc but have found the best for me to be endomondo sports tracker. It seem to let me easily change between different bike type, walking etc. and automatically uploads to the endomondo site all my routes and shows Continue reading

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Hawes and High Abbotside Angling Association – new website

Just been working on a website for the Hawes and High Abbotside Angling Association. They have just had an article written about the area in the Trout and Salmon magazine and thought that they had better get upto date with a website to inform anyone about the Association that had read the article and to provide information to vistors to the area around Hawes.

The web address if your interested in fishing in the Upper Dales of Yorkshire is Continue reading

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data recovery

I had an external hard drive failure earlier in the the year and used this company, they managed to recover my data fromthe drive that Windows would not recognise and put it onto an external USB harddrive for me. All at a reasonable cost. You never think it will happen but it does even with all the backups in the world sometime you still need a data recovery specialist.

They have hardware to recover data not just from Continue reading

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MTB gps files from Google Maps

Just found the following great website for creating .gpx files for my gps from Google Maps. It lets you trace your route and create way points etc. Brilliant for when you want to share a route but the batteries on your gps or app on your phone won`t last long enough

Just used it to map a couple of my last rides. I have also put them onto the relevant posts in zip format, as WordPress won`t let me Continue reading

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Awesome flickr Gallery plugin

Having spent quite a long time uploading my photos to flickr, I have been having a play with plugins for accessing my pictures for this site via flickr instead of uploading them twice.

Having had a bit of a play I have decided to use the awesome flickr gallery plugin.

Just used it on my quick blog about replacing my bikes front mech, only problem with it is that it chooses all the pictures in a set and I Continue reading

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