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Replacing my Mountain Bikes Front Mech

Well now that I have managed to change a bottom bracket on my Iron Horse Azure, I found the chain catching on my front derailleur and the shifting has started to be a bit slow chaning to lower gears, sometimes I`ve had to kick the shifter, not really a good idea. Also the screw for the L-limit is seized and due to the angle to access it the head has become some what worn. So I have decided to to replace it with a new one.

After a bit of looking I found a Shimano XT 771 , (thought a nice upgrade from the current Deore jobbie) that had a top pull and now have one on order. Now just waiting for the postman to deliver it and then its out with the Zinn Bike Maintenance book again.

While waiting I also found a Grimetime article in Mountain Biking UK that described fitting a new front mech.

The tools I needed was really just

5mm Allen Key
Philips Screwdriver

Although you would probably also need a  Chain Tool

The procedure I went through was:

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Replacing a Bottom Bracket

Recently the bottom bracket on my Mountain Bike broke, I thought it had gotten very loud and graty when I pedalled and when I looked at it you could move the pedals and cranks sideways at least 5mm. Apparentley this is a dead giveaway of a broken one, still it had lasted 4 years in the mud and grit of the Yorkshire Dales!!

So using my trusty Zinn and the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance book, I decided to have a go at fixing it myself instead of finding a new bike shop to goto, as Kudu Bikes in Hawes has recently closed it doors.

So my Iron Horse Azure Sport has an ISIS Cartridge type Bottom Bracket (BB)

So having figured out I needed a Shimano ISIS tool to remove it, I found one cheap at  a LifeLine Shimano Cartridge Bottom Bracket Tool and as I was not sure what bottom bracket I needed I decided to pull it apart first and then order one, luckily for me as I almost wasted some money there, having almost purchased a Shimano MB-530 one.

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