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MTB – above Burtersett in the first Snow of the Year

First time the weather’s been good enough to enjoy a ride today, although the ride up the road above Burtersett to the Roman Road Bridleway way spent on the verges as the road was sheet ice for a quarter mile. Still brilliant to get out and away from the last several weeks wild winds and rain. Mind you it felt like -10 with the windchill on the top.

MTB – Askrigg and Castle Bolton Moor Loop

Took the chance that the weather might clear and had a ride in the Cloud and Mist yesterday on the Moors above Redmire.

Distance: 15 milesGPX-50
Time: 2.5 Hours
Mainly off road, some tough climbs made up for by a couple of great descents.

Starting from the Bridleway above Askrigg, takes a narrow track across the Grouse Moor through the peat and Grit Stone down towards Woodhall (3 miles). This started out very wet and boggy in places over the tops but widens out for the descent towards Woodhall. From there the bridleway takes you to Castle Bolton following the the fell side across green fields for about 4.5 miles. As you can see not a lot of visibility but great to be outside.

Once in Castle Bolton go past the Castle and in to the village. After about 50 yards look to your left for a gap between the House’s and you should see the Green and Orange Bridleway notice. From here starts a long climb initially up a path before opening out in to fields. The route is indistinct but you basicly are climbing straight up the hill side, before bearing left and following the wall up until the track becomes fenced.

Once at the top you are through the gate and bear right along the track. Following a good section of downhill after that stiff climb. Past the first Shoot House and gate before coning to a crossroads of bridleways. Take the Bridle way to the left and follow the track. This contineus for a couple of miles with at leat one very steep ascent. Once at the top there is a fantastic flowing few miles of downhill before coming to the tarmac road in Swaledale near Crackpot. From here turn left for the last couple of miles on the single track road back up to the top of Askrigg Moor and your warm car.

Pictures from the Dales

It`s been quite cloudy and misty here in the Yorkshire Dales recently.

MTB – Buckden and Deepdale Loop

Took a long ride today as I thought this could be one of the last nice days of the year, turn out to be sunny in Wensleydale and the cold and misty on the tops and in Wharfedale, never mind! As they say theres no such thing as bad weather only the wrong type of clothing.

Distance: 30 milesGPX-50(1)
Time: Approx 3.5 hours.
Strenuous route taking in 2 very steep climbs, one on the road upto Fleet Moss and 3 long descents on rocky bridleways.

Starting out from the Auction Mart in Hawes take the A684 to Bainbridge and then onto Worton. In Worton take the road to the right up the steep hill to wards Thornton Rust but at the top of the Hill at the steep turn take the Bridleway into the Farm at Cubeck. This is a steep track that takes you on to the levels below Adlebrough and across to Carpley Green.

At Carpley Green Farm take the bridleway/track up the fell side and follow until it joins with the Stake Road. Here bare left along the track, which takes you towards Kidstones pass, theres a good lond descent down to the road where you bare right on the steep road (downhill!). But as in the video make sure to watch out for the Bridleway sign to the left, just before the sharp left hand turn in the road, that takes you through the green fields and then down to Buckden, another great descnet but watch out for walkers and dogs.

From Buckden village bare right towards Hubberholme anong single track roads and continue alongside the river and through Oughtershaw before beginning the long climb out of the Dale and upto Fleet Moss. Once at the top keep on the road and just before the road drops down to Gayle take the Bridleway to the right and follow until it meets the road again. simle to say but its about 4 miles with at leat 2 on a great section downhill. At the road bare left and follow the road back to Hawes through Burtersett.