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MTB – Hawes & past Gaudy Farm Loop

Distance: 14milesGPX-50(1)
Long hardpack climbs, good grassy descents.
Time: about 2hours

Took a ride this morning from Hawes, up the old Roman Road above Burtersett, a long section of wide hardpack bridleway, about 4 miles off-road before joining the main Beggermans Road for a half mile, then took the tarmac singletrack road to Cam Farm through the gate for about 2 miles.  Then bearing right at the Bridleway sign, after the gate, back towards to Snaizholme, this skirts along the top side of Snaizeholme for a couple of miles, then just as you get over the top and begin to descend, take the Bridleway to the right to Gaudy Farm House.

This takes you on a grassy bridleway over the top of the fells. There are some great views of Upper Wensleydale from up here. Now its  a couple of miles of grassy downhill, great fun after the rain, usually very wet and muddy, there are a few gates to open, buts its an excuse to look at where you`ve been and back onto the tarmac and down to Hawes.

Sory pictures seem to be in reverse order!

MTB – some Feb/March ride pics

Just a few more general photos taken whilst out Mountain Biking around Wensleydale and area at the end of February and into March. Quite a mixture of riding, snow and ice, claggy mud, sunshine and mist!

Some taken on my usual short loops above Burtersett and then then sunnier looking ones on a loop from Hawes over to Stalling Busk and round the Stake Road to Carpley Green. One very muddy ride.


MTB a February weekend around Hawes

A few photos from 2 Mountain Bike Rides around Hawes in the Yorkshire Dales, taken over this last weekend. As you can see a nice covering of snow.

Saturday above Burtersett.

Sunday up on Stags Fell.

MTB – Hawes and Newby Head Loop in the Snow

Video of a ride I often do from Hawes to up above Burtersett towards Cam Head, up the High road and following the bridleway across the tops and down to Newby Head.

This time taken in the snow that covered the Fell tops overnight. Luckily it was crisp snow, so somehow I mananged to ride most of the loop without getting off or losing traction, quite suprised how good the WTB 2.3 Vigilantes are on my bike, superb grip in the snow (as long as its not too deep or slushy) and mud that we have had recently.

For more details of the loop and a .gpx please see an earlier post.

MTB around Christmas

Just a few images taking whilst Mountain Biking over the Christmas week on the few days when its wasn`t blowing a gale and raining cats and dogs, you can still see some of the flooded fields on the pictures. Mind you the winds have still been really stong and I`ve been nearly blown off the bike a couple of times and don`t get me started on the head winds!. However, its been great the get out for a few rides try out my new Mudhugggers and burn off some Turkey.

Most of the pictures are above Burtersett on the Bridleways, and a few are taken on the wet and muddy track alongside Snaizeholme and down to Hawes.

Must say the front mudhugger has worked a treat in combination with a frame mounted mudguard really kept the mud and wet off my face and clothing. However the rear mudhugger I`m not sure about still quite muddy on the shorts at the back although its more wet tracks than mud. However, the rear of the bike and geartrain etc. all seen a lot cleaner than with a traditional rear mudguard.