Images from here and there may be some Mountain Biking…

iPhone Plugin added

Just added an iPhone plugin called wptouch, seems to give the site a new and quicker look when loaded on portable devices such as the iPhone. Hopefully it will give all you lucky people with one a better experience of the site. Let me know what you think.

Personally I think it looks ok on mine, but this is a fairly image rich site so we can`t expect miracles.

Old site photos all uploaded

Well thats all of my old sites photos uploaded, looks like its time to start searching through a few years worth of photographs and share a few more with everyone. Just got to sort out all the various pics of the Yorkshire Dales and recent trips to America.

So many pictures of the snow and summer landscapes around the Dales, plus copius amounts of Lambing time throughout the years.

Here are a few pictures from time spent Grouse Beating on Staggs Fell and Cottertop

France, Morzine

Morzine, up in the French Alps. Strange to ski on slopes that several years before I`d been Mountain Biking down having stayed nearby in Chatel. Think I may even have had a days snow boarding as well. Great days.

Austria, Ellmau

Ellmau had a very snowy week here several years back, brilliant snow conditions. Top place for skiing loads of runs and lifts.