Images from here and there may be some Mountain Biking…

Here`s to warmer and less windy weather

Looks like the weather is starting to pick up, hopefully can get out and take a few photographs in the next few days. Everything is starting to get green again now we`ve had some sun. Time I think to un-mothball and oiled up the Iron Horse and get some off-road rides under the belt. Riding round on the road is starting to get tiresome.

A photo from bygone days, heres to a warmer week with less wind!!

Snow in the Dales

As it looks like the snow is finally gone for the year I thought I`d up a few photos from this last Winter taken in and around Wensleydale. We didn`t get as much snow as Scotland but what did fall , stayed for a good 4 weeks. With temperatures most days down below -5C, so the small birds and mammals were grateful for any food and water put out each day.

The local farms also had a hard time also Continue reading

Cam Road in the Winter

This is a road I drive over fairly regularly, from Hawes over Cam Top and into Wharfedale. the following pictures have been taken on winter mornings with frost and snow on the ground. A couple show the Roman road that comes up from Bainbridge and is great for Mountain Biking on, yes even with snow on the ground as long as is not too wet.

These may not be my best photos but they show what the road can be Continue reading

Rain, rain and more rain

I keep trying to get out to take some pictures now that the lambs are starting to appear in the fields, but it just seems to keep raining or the lights really flat. Hope I can get out for an hour or so on my bike tomorrow and snap a few to share, hopefully some will be good enough to stick on to try and sell as well.

Its not been the greatest lambing season so far, its been Continue reading

iPhone Plugin added

Just added an iPhone plugin called wptouch, seems to give the site a new and quicker look when loaded on portable devices such as the iPhone. Hopefully it will give all you lucky people with one a better experience of the site. Let me know what you think.

Personally I think it looks ok on mine, but this is a fairly image rich site so we can`t expect miracles.

Old site photos all uploaded

Well thats all of my old sites photos uploaded, looks like its time to start searching through a few years worth of photographs and share a few more with everyone. Just got to sort out all the various pics of the Yorkshire Dales and recent trips to America.

So many pictures of the snow and summer landscapes around the Dales, plus copius amounts of Lambing time throughout the years.

Here are a few pictures from time spent Grouse Beating on Staggs Fell and Cottertop