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The Hill Farmer in the Yorkshire Dales

14th July 2016

A quick plug for my dads video production company, after 6 long years this video, The Hill Farmer in the Yorkshire Dales has finally been completed. It follows the farming year of the Fothergill Family in Widdale, through the major events of their hill farm.  Includes lambing, shearing, haymaking, sheep sales etc. A trailer for the production can be seen on youtube (see below) and if you wish to purchase pop over to the website at amfilms. Available on both DVD and Bluray.

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Flooding around Hawes

6th December 2015

Just some images of the recent flooding in Upper Wensleydale, around Hawes.

You can see how Semerwater has spread doubled in area and also how great the waterfalls in Hawes look night and day.

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Olympic Football

27th July 2012

Had a trip up to Newcstle on the Train to St James`s Park to watch some Olympic Football yesterday.

Took in 2 matches Mexico v Korean Republic and Gabon v Switzerland

The matches ended in a couple of draws 0-0 and 1-1 in the teaming rain of Newcastle. Still we had a top day, plenty of noise from the Mexicans and Koreans, even though they didn`t all get in. The Gabon Switzerland games ended with the crowd doing Congas thorugh the stands Brilliant!!

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GPS phone App endomondo (not a review)

4th May 2012

Having recently changed my phone from an iPhone to an Android phone I have been trying out various free apps to map my bike rides and walks. I had been using the excellent MotionX iPhone app.

I`ve tried a few MapMyRide etc but have found the best for me to be endomondo sports tracker. It seem to let me easily change between different bike type, walking etc. and automatically uploads to the endomondo site all my routes and shows me loads of stats about my activity. It will even let me look for routes that other people have posted.

as it says on the website

Endomondo is a sports community based on free real-time GPS tracking of running, cycling, etc. Bring your mobile on the track and get a complete training log.

What has suprised me the most is that on my old iPhone the batteries only lasted for an ahour and a half with GPS on, but with my new phone it seems to last most of the day. I realise this probably isn` the App but my old 3G must have had rubbish batteries!

I`m only using the free app at the moment as it seems to do all I need, although the paid for version lets you ride against yourself, ANT+ monitoring etc. It`ll do loads more than I need at the moment, but I like the interation and stats that the website adds.


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