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Ride around Inglebrough

Found a local ride listed in an old edition of MBUK (340) on Viewranger which was a circular route of Inglebrough, so I thought why now give it a go.

Now due to issues with a change of car I could not not use my roof rack and my bike would not fit my old rear rack, so I had to get a lift over to Ribblehead. Thus the ride I did is not exactly the same as the ride in the magazine, .gpx included. I had to start from Ingleborough but then instead of doing a circular route I had to ride back to Hawes.

Distance: 27.75 miles
Time: 3 to 4 hours
Provides great views of the 3 Peaks of Yorkshire. The riding isn’t too technical but offers a good variation of climbs and descents. Both on and off road.
Viewranger details from MBUK340

This loop is supposed to start at the car park in Ingleton but as mentioned I did not take that option, instead I started about half way around the loop about a mile past Selside on the B6479 at a layby. As you can also see from the photos the glourios hot weather we have been having seems to have turned into a damp and misty day but hey thats what windproofs and waterproofs are for.

The lay-by is just a few metres past the bridleway sign to South House up a single track road to the right. At the top of the hill bear right on the bridleway and cross the ford and continue on towards the left, thorough a gate and onto a grassy track, from here its about 4 miles to Clapham. After a mile or so you will cross a footpath to the top of Inglebrough. Continue until on the grassy track until you begin a descent to Clapham on a more defines track, then just before Clapham the track steepens and goes through 2 tunnels. Now lights would be helpful here. I had to get off as I couldn`t see where I was going.

Once in Clapham I went right at the bottom of the hill, go past the Church and join the road to Ingleton B6255. Then after about a quarter mile look out for a bridleway, (if you miss it just continue on the road to Ingleton). This bridleway skirts the edge of the fields and climbs gradually, before a descent down to a road where you turn right and climb back up the hill to the B6255. Luckily at the top there is a bench to sit on to grab a bit to eat. From here bear left and take the road to Ingelton.

In Ingleton go into the village proper and drop down to the river, you can go through the car park. Bear left, downhill and over the bridge. Turn right in to Oddles Lane, behind the Bridge End Guest House. Now for a long and steep climb for over 1 mile, then when it flattens out bear off left, through a gate and onto a tarmac lane. From here you can look left to see Inglebrough and Whernside directly ahead. The track goes up to Twisleton Hall, bear left. (I missed this and had to join and walk up the footpath to the Hall.

A short distance of a few hundred metres, bear off right on the Twistleton Scar End bridleway. Climb up the steep hillside, turning sharply to the right at the footpath up onto the moors. Follow this obvious track along the top for around 4 miles. You are passing along the side of Whernside and have great views of the hills and the Viaduct below. Pass Ivescar Farm and continue for a few hundred metres more, then turn right on a track to Gunnerfleet Farm.

From here you follow the road which takes you under Ribblehead Viaduct and then on to the main road. From here I took the road back to Hawes, after stopping at the refreshemnts van for a well earned hot coffee and burger. But for the sake of the proper loop you would need to take the main road towards Horton-In-Ribblesdale on the B6479.

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