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MTB Ride to Ribblehead Viaduct

A gloriously sunny day today, so thought I`d take a ride to the Ribblehead Viaduct and treat myself to an ice cream, (after all if you’re on a Fatbike there has to be some snow).

Distance: About 25 miles
Time: About 3.5 Hours
Apart from two long climbs most of the ride is fairly flat on good bridleways. Also there is one long sweeping descent and one fast steep windy descent to Burtersett.

Just took the usual route up through Burtersett to the Roman Road (Cam High Road) and then across to Cam Top and along the well prepared bridleway and onto the gravel road that the logging wagons use. This comes out eventually on the Ingleton Road and another mile or so to the Viaduct. Its a great straight fast descent down the gravel road as can be seen from the pictures, but its a long way backup. The Fatbike copes well with this smoother terrain, seems to just soak up the little stones and rolls over the smaller rocks.

Got to the Viaduct and even though there were loads of cars and walkers, no sign of the Ice-cream van! typical, so a quick pack of Haribo`s, slurp of water and its time to return back up the hill and return to Hawes, thank goodness the Caribou is a 2×10 and has some nice low gears. I took the same route back as coming, except when I got to the Roman Road above Burtersett I took the slightly quicker route directly round the front of the fell and down to the village, pretty steep and fast missed the suspension of the full-susser but still a heck of a smile at the bottom of the track!.

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