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MTB – Aborted ride in the Snow by Snaizeholme

Today I was going to ride around from Hawes up and along past Snaizeholme to the Cam Top road and the back to Hawes via the Roman Road (Beggermans) Bridleway. However due to the amount of snow I managed to get most of the way up the bridleway before it started snowing again. So I decided to push/carry/ride my bike to the top flat plian to see if the snow was blown off the track. Unfortunatley not, so I turn around and came back. Only to find that my rear hub had frozen and I had could not pedal my bike, luckily theres a bit of descent so thank goodness for gravity!

Although, once I got back I found that not only had the hub frozen, but it has also broken inside. So back to Stage1cycles to get a rebuild with the Hope Hub from my old 26″ Iron Horse. So now 2 bikes down until the loan of a Niner ROS9 from Stage1cycles.  🙂

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