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MTB Loop from Hawes around by Horton in Ribblesdale

Video of a Route I took this week from Hawes, over to Oughtershaw via the Cam High Road, through Greenfield to Horton in Ribblesdale (great descent to the village). Then back up to Cam End and the Cam High Road before descending back to Hawes down the front of Yorburgh another great descent.

Distance: 32 miles
Time: 4.5 HoursGPX-50(1)
Difficult – some tough climbs and a couple of great descents

hortonloop1From the car park at the bottom of Hawes, by the Firebox cafe and Stage1cycles take the main road A684 towards Bainbridge (bearing right). After about 3/4 of a mile take the road upto Burtersett and follow the road through the village and continue up the hill until you get to the old Roman Road which crosses the main road. Here turn right and follow the trail up the hill, this will go on for a couple of miles and is a stoney hardpack all the way up. The track levels out for about 1 1/2 miles before descending towards the Beggermans Road over to Wharfedale. As you hit this road keep going towards the left and follow the road over the top before the long steep road descent, down Fleet Moss. Through the Hamlet of Ougthershaw and on to Beckermonds where right at the bottom of the hill you turn right towards Greenfield. It’s another couple of miles to Greenfield and then after another mile or so the tarmac road gets to the forestry and turns into hardpack.

As you get towards the edge of the forestry, the bridleway is signposted through an old metal gate and then continues on a pretty wet section of track at the beginning, think it must follow the stream. From here the track various between grass and old rocky footpaths. As you are entering the area around the Yorkshire 3 Peaks you will also begin to see quite a few walkers and backpackers. Most of this section is on the level before the trail starts to descend to wards Horton in Ribblesdale. This is pretty fast downhill in places and slower rocky/cobbley track in places and at most of the gates Horton is signposted. The last section as you can see from the video is a fast staight secent into the village. But watchout as the bridleway opens straight out into the Car Park of the Crown.

At the Crown take the small road to the right before the bridge (or pop in for a pint of shady, or pint of tea at the 3 Peaks Cafe). This road takes you back up towards High Birkwith and is mainly tarmaced until you reach the hill. At the top of the hill though the gate and bear right towards Cam End. Nice and easy pedalling to start with until after crossing the river over the little stone bridge you begin to climb up to Cam End. Eventually you join the recently resurfaced bridleway, which is also used by Wagons bring wood out of the forest so watch out, although as your still heading uphill this is easy. Eventually the track levels out and you can take in the views down Wharfedale and the road (Fleet Moss) that you descended earlier. Eventually the track joing the road to Camm Farm. Keep heading left (or straight on), and follow the road for another 2 to 3 miles before you join the roadover the Wharfedale again.

Hopefully you recognise the road down to Hawes and before the road drops away, take the Bridleway again to your right, that you rode down earlier. Now after a couple of miles and at the second gate you come to, you can take the bridleway that takes you around the front of Yorburgh. This can be pretty wet and muddy in places but at the end has a great descent down in to Burtersett, where you then take the road back to Hawes.

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