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MTB – Hawes & past Gaudy Farm Loop

Distance: 14milesGPX-50(1)
Long hardpack climbs, good grassy descents.
Time: about 2hours

Took a ride this morning from Hawes, up the old Roman Road above Burtersett, a long section of wide hardpack bridleway, about 4 miles off-road before joining the main Beggermans Road for a half mile, then took the tarmac singletrack road to Cam Farm through the gate for about 2 miles.  Then bearing right at the Bridleway sign, after the gate, back towards to Snaizholme, this skirts along the top side of Snaizeholme for a couple of miles, then just as you get over the top and begin to descend, take the Bridleway to the right to Gaudy Farm House.

This takes you on a grassy bridleway over the top of the fells. There are some great views of Upper Wensleydale from up here. Now its  a couple of miles of grassy downhill, great fun after the rain, usually very wet and muddy, there are a few gates to open, buts its an excuse to look at where you`ve been and back onto the tarmac and down to Hawes.

Sory pictures seem to be in reverse order!

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