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MTB around Christmas

Just a few images taking whilst Mountain Biking over the Christmas week on the few days when its wasn`t blowing a gale and raining cats and dogs, you can still see some of the flooded fields on the pictures. Mind you the winds have still been really stong and I`ve been nearly blown off the bike a couple of times and don`t get me started on the head winds!. However, its been great the get out for a few rides try out my new Mudhugggers and burn off some Turkey.

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Most of the pictures are above Burtersett on the Bridleways, and a few are taken on the wet and muddy track alongside Snaizeholme and down to Hawes.

Must say the front mudhugger has worked a treat in combination with a frame mounted mudguard really kept the mud and wet off my face and clothing. However the rear mudhugger I`m not sure about still quite muddy on the shorts at the back although its more wet tracks than mud. However, the rear of the bike and geartrain etc. all seen a lot cleaner than with a traditional rear mudguard.

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