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MTB – Swaledale Keld and Muker Loop.

Just done a short route in Swaledale that I hadn`t tried in a while.

Distance: Approx 10 miles
Time: About 1.5 hoursGPX-50
Some very steep climbs both on and off road and a Great long Descent.

Map Keld Muker Loop1Just a short 10 miles or so, starting from Keld and taking the Bridleway to Muker, starts with a long steep climb but the views are great and its pretty flat across the top of the hill, before a fantastic descent down into the village of Muker.

Then take the road beraing left down the dale to Ivelet, followed by a steep on road climb up the hillside before going back along the Dale side to Muker and joining the Bridleway to Keld, with another steep climb before a carried on past the direct route to Keld and headed towards West Stonesdale, However, at the farm buildings it turns out I made a wrong turn cutting my ride short by heading directly to the road bridge and back to Keld instead of going straight on, to take the Bridleway further down West Stonesdale.

Still theres always next time!


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