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MTB Ride – Hawes towards Horton-in-Ribblesdale and Cam

Tried a new route from Hawes over into Wharfedale and then towards Greenfield and Horton in Ribblesdale and then back via Cam Top to Hawes past Snaizeholme.

Distance: approx 26 miles

Time: approx 4 hoursGPX-50

Pretty Strenous climbs and great descents both on and offroad.

Hawes-Greenfield-Route-MapFrom Hawes head towards Burtersett and up the Roman Road to the end whre it joins the main road. Then follow the road over the top of Fleet Moss and down to the bottom of Deepdale.

Watch out for the turn to the right which is signposted to Greenfield. This takes you along a single track road past Lower Greenfield House and then into the forestry.

Follow the forestry track until you reach the bridleway to Horton,  hopefully you will be able to keep on the forestry track but currently due to logging the track is closed, so here you take the Bridleway which I did and then you need to after a mile or so take the footpath to the farm (1mile) rather than the bridleway to Horton (3miles). Don`t forget to walk this as it is a footpath.  Note: on my gpx of the route I didn`t take this so had to turn around as I didn`t want to go all the way to Horton and back to the farm on the road, spot marked red on the route map.

From the farm take the Bridle way – Pennine Way toward the right and head to Cam. This is now all pretty much uphill to the top. From the top after the cattle grid I took the track to the left towards and past Snaizehole forestry, pretty rocky steep descent at one point.

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