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MTB – Hawes to Newby Head and Garsdale Loop

Route Distance: Approx 22 miles
Rating: Medium with Long Climbs and long descentsGPX-50(1)
Time: 3 Hours

Map-Hawes-CoalRoadLoopThis Loop is the same as the previous route for most of the way, until the top of Widdle Fell.

It takes you up out of Hawes along the Ingleton Road, then after about a mile you take the unmetalled road to the left which spurs off from the corner on the main road. there follows a pretty steep climb up the track, which then levels out along awhat can be a muddy section.

Then after going through a gate you start another climb up a very rock track, one I must say I always end up carrying my bike up. One down there is  long upto 5 mile section that follows round the side of Dodd Fell above Snaizeholme to Cam Top. Some great riding and views.

From Cam you head towards Inglebrough for a quater mile and just before the gate across the road take the Bridleway to your right through into the fields across the fell top signposted to Newby Head Road 2.5 Miles. What follows is a brilliant section of sweeping downhill along a cinder track, until you join the main road at Newby Head. Video of descent in this previous post.

Take the road to Dent for about a quater of a mile and then take the bridleway to the right that goes straight up the hill, quite a long hard climb but worth it for the views down Widdle from the top. Follow the track around to a junction of 4 track, go through the gate and continue up the hill on Arten Gill Moss along the Coal Road, this takes you past Dent Railway Station, taking in some great Dales views. Then up onto the top of the fell and is a nice fast couple of miles of track as reward for all that climbing. Eventially coming out on a single lane road which you follow towards Garsdale Station (2.5 miles). What follwos are some pretty steep descents on the road so be careful. Passing Garsdale Station on the road, take the junction at the bottom of the hill back to Hawes (about 7 miles), probably stopping off at the Moorcock Inn for a well earned Shandy or 2.

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