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MTB – Hawes Newby Head Loop past Cam Farm

Great Ride today and great weather again.

Distance: 22.5 milesGPX-50(1)
Strenuous climbs with great descents.
Time: 3 hours 15mins

Took the road out of Hawes and up through Burtersett to the Roman Road where the road bisects it. Carry on up the Roman Road, a fairly long climb on a track, take it steady its a good3/4 mile to the top before it levels out with a good bit of downhill all the way to join with the main road over to Wharfedale, known as Beggermans Road. Then along the road for about a mile and took the single track gated road towards Cam Farm. This is about 3 miles of single track which you can bowl along nicely.

You then come to an intersection of tracks, go past the Bridleway back to Gaudy/Snaizeholme and continue on the road and through the gate. Continue unto the Bridleway (don`t take the road down to the farm). From here the road suddenly gets a make over for the logging wagons taking wood out of the forest. Currently its still having a bridge built at the bottom end of the track and once you get going on the gravel track, you can build up a fair lick of speed down to the river.

From here turn right on the road for a quarter mile and take the signposted bridleway up the farm track which will take you to the Dent Head road. Quite a steep climb to begin with then it levels out. Once you come out on the road turn right along the road until you see the track up to the left through the gate. This is another steep climb up to the top before great views down Widdle. Then at the junction of more Bridleways near the top bear right for the long descent down through Widdle and back to Hawes on the Road. Note part of the descent down to Widdle is very rocky having been washed away to keep to the sides down through the grass.

Anyway a great morning ride, ready for bacon sandwiches at home!

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