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MTB – Bolton Castle Loop

Another slight variation on my Hawes to Castle Bolton Loop.

Route Distance: Approx 26 miles.Over 13 miles on the Road.
A couple of short steep climbs but mainly flat. Most offroad on flat grassy tracks.GPX-50(1)
Time: Approx 3hours

From Hawes take the main A684 road towards Aysgarth, then when in Aysgarth take the left hand turn towards Aysgarth Falls. Take a breather and have a look at the waterfall, before climbing backup out of the dale to Carperby. Just before Carperby take the single track road to the right and follow it over the cattle-grids and join the Bridleway towards Redmire. Then after a bit of flat off-road and single track through some trees you come out at Low Thoresby. Note: this last section of the ride can be very muddy, I`ve only managed to ride it twice in the dry!

Now turn left on the main road and head along the road up the hill to the Castle – you can`t miss it. On this ride I passed the local Chainsaw sculptor turning a felled tree into a Dragon!

From the Castle follow the Bridleway towards Askrigg, most of the route is fairly flat and grassy so its quite easy to ride. Some great views looking up Wensleydale towards Hawes.  Can even have a bit of a play above Ballowfields in the old Quarry area. Then after a bit of a climb to gain some more height, you can wizz back along to Askrigg via the road, the road down to Askrigg is very steep and narrow, (watch out for cars coming up the hills on some blind corners), then unfortunately more roads back to Hawes. Still no Bridleways to link Hawes and Askrigg that I know of.

Attached Hawes-CastleBoltonLoop2.gpx of the route.

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