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MTB – Roman Road in the Snow

Thought I`d have a quick ride up the Roman Road above Burtersett on my Mountain Bike to see if there was any snow left and to come back over the top towards Semerwter. However, it ended up being a bit longer than anticiapted as the snow was too slippy/slushy to pedal through on the tops and/or for me to downhill by myself, so I deceided to take the longer way and took the road back down from Cam. Still thats a good steep hill and gets plenty of speed. The off-road tyres don`t half roar.

So basically from Hawes on the Road to Burtersett, then a right turn up the Roman Road (about a mile past Burtersett), its all up hill so a bit gruelling for about 3 to 4 of miles, then along the top on the track to the Road end on Cam and whizz back down to Hawes through Gayle.


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