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Wet and Windy bike ride

Quick ride up the Roman Road above Burtersett this morning, the wind was almost calm, well maybe 10 miles an hour or so and a positively barmy 6degC. So I thought I`d make a break for it and have my first off road session on my bike for a few weeks. Its been so windy on the tops that its been to dangerous to ride safely on my own. So a good hours work out just in case I can`t get out over the Christmas Period. Came back very wet and muddy just what a winter ride should be and its amazing how much fitness you can loose over a few short weeks as well, doesn`t bode well for all the Turkey about to come my way.

There was even a bit of snow left on the tops, hopefully I`ll get the couple of pics I took uploaded soon, once I get around to copying them off my new phone (could not find my compact camera).

Hopefully we`ll get some descent weather soon, well at least a drop in the wind speeds its been like peddling up hill on the flat in the Dales.

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