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Grouse Beating – Cottertop

Here are a few images of Grouse Beating at the start of this years season on Cottertop, above Cotterdale and Wensleydale. This day having been one of the few dry days that I have been beating this year, so I’d managed a few pictures. Even a couple looking across to the Garsdale Viaduct and the Dales trains on the Settle Carlisle line.

So far the local shoot on Stags Fell has had 2 and a half days cancelled. Its been like late September early October here in the Dales. Driving rain, mist, thick fog visibilty of less than 20 yards. I suppose some of it can be blamed on the tail end of the hurricane season in America, but I don`t remember it ever being this bad!! At least some Grouse have been shot but nothing like they wanted.

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