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MTB in the Dales – (ain`t they all)

Just had a couple of great days mountain biking.

Friday great 20 mile loop from Hawes, up to Burtersett and then up the Roman road to Cam Farm, then the bridleway to Newby Head at the top of Widdle. Then 800m on the Dent Road and turned up the Pennine Bridleway towards Arten Gill Moss, heck of a steep climb here. Then across the top to the junction of the Newby Head – Coal Road -Stone House and Widdle Bridleways. I then followed the Bridleway down to Widdle: NOTE this is very rocky and washed out in places, so if your on a short travel bike like me and by yourself, get off and walk it. Then from Widdle Foot right back to Hawes on the Road.

Here hopefully is a .gpx file of the Route-Hawes-Cam-NewbyHead-Widdle  that I created with the website

Only problem here was that when I washed my stuff up I managed to overlook my camera strapped to my Camelback and managed to kill it with too much water. Left it for 36 hours to dry but its dead. So so long my Nikon S510 and hopefully have just found a good deal on a Fuji T200.

Then today had a 2 hour ride with a friend along the Semerwater-Caperly Green (about 17miles) route that I’ve blogged about before. This has some long climbs and some great descents both on and off road. Just managed to get back as it started raining – RESULT. For Images of this ride and my previous blog have a look here

Here also is a .gpx file for your gps. Route-Hawes-CarperleyGreen-Loop

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