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Hawes – MTB tour of Wensleydale

Been meaning to do a variation on this Mountain Bike Ride for quite a while now, – tour of wensleydale

This is a great place to look for riding around the Yorkshire Dales.

Distance: 32 milesGPX-50(1)

Some tough climbs on both road and bridleway and some great long sweeping downhills

So while the weather was good on saturday I set off to do it. My variation being setting off from Hawes and riding over to Semerwater and on to Stalling Busk. Then to take the Stake Road (Bridleway) up to the top. Then at the sign post take the track to Carperley Green and somewhre across the top this joins up with the above route, at another signpost to Thoralby, after about a mile.

It is to be noted that the descent in to Thoralby is currently being resurfaced with rocks etc in the boggier sections. At the moment it quite a bone shaker if like me you don`t have more than 100mm of travel, even if somes at the back and there are some bit gaps to get your wheels stuck in so watch out.

Then at the end instead of coming across the Dale to Bainbridge, head back on the B Road to Hawes. This makes the route about 32 miles long, up from the stated 21 miles.

Its has some tough climbs on both road and track, long sweeping downhills and great views.

The above site has other great routes along with gpx files for your gps`s.

Here are some pictures of the route.

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