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Grouse Beating and the Moors

Just a few pictures of Grouse Beating on the moorland above Hawes, taken around and over the years.

As you can see the season goes from summer to winter, starting on the glourious 12th of August and finishing on the 10th of December, hence the snow.

Usually involves being taken up on to the moor in Land Rovers or other off-road vehicles often of an ex-military nature. Then being divided into teams of beaters, whilst the guns get in to their shooting Butts, the beaters walk around the moor and line out, then at a signal start walking to bring the drive in, walking in a line waving flags and making noise to scare the Grouse towards the shooters. Once within a few hundred yards a horn is blown to tell the guns (shooters) to only shoot behind their butts, so that no-one is shooting towards the beaters. Then when the beaters have finished, the shot Grouse are picked, using dogs to find the shot birds in the heather. Shot Grouse are counted in brace where a brace is a pair of birds.

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