Images from here and there may be some Mountain Biking…

Cam Road in the Winter

This is a road I drive over fairly regularly, from Hawes over Cam Top and into Wharfedale. the following pictures have been taken on winter mornings with frost and snow on the ground. A couple show the Roman road that comes up from Bainbridge and is great for Mountain Biking on, yes even with snow on the ground as long as is not too wet.

These may not be my best photos but they show what the road can be like and some of the great lighting from the early morning sun. Just show how great the Yorkshire Dales can be. But obviously there have been days when the road is totally impassable like this year when it was closed for over 3 weeks!

Obviously these have been taken with different quality cameras from DSLRs to Mobile phone, so the quality varies greatly.


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